Volunteer with Bantry Lifeboat

Bantry Lifeboat works on a purely voluntary basis, but there are many advantages to being a member. As a recognised resource to the Irish Coastguard, Bantry Lifeboat trains its members to the very highest standards in boat handling, navigation, first aid and radio communications.

The following is an outline of the types of qualifications that you will be trained for as a member:

Ÿ ISA Level 2 and Level 4 Boat Handling

Ÿ Occupational First Aid

Ÿ DSC VHF Radio Certification

Ÿ Passenger Boat Licence


Ÿ Open Water Survival

Crew training along with search and rescue operations are only half the story, we also require volunteers to assist with fundraising without which the station would not operate. Another large part of the operation is the maintenance of the boat, equipment and the building.

The crew and boat are out training every week of the year to ensure that everybody has sufficient experience and training to operate in the most challenging conditions. Training takes place every Monday from 7pm until 10pm. This is co-ordinated from the boat house at Railway Pier and includes training throughout the year, in all weather conditions. There are also a number of shore side training sessions.