Bantry Inshore Search and Rescue Association Ltd is a fully registered Irish Charity which means that there are tax benefits for individuals and businesses that make donations to the Association.

To ensure complete transparency and accountability we are audited annually by the Companies Registration Office, The Charities Regulatory Authority, Irish Water Safety and the Irish Coat Guard.

The Association is an independent Lifeboat supported wholly by local donations in addition to a small grant from the Irish Coast Guard. For this reason the crew and committee are very active in their fundraising efforts.

The Association undertakes a number of fundraising events every year to raise the €26,000 that is required each year to maintain our operation.

Members of the Association are always willing to consider alternative fundraising events and to receive donations from other parties who wish to raise money on behalf of the Lifeboat.


Cost                                 Item
€2800       Dry Suits, Thermal Clothing (Replacement or Repair)         
€3800       Life Jackets / Helmets / Gloves                                                
€1800        Fuel / Oil                                                                                      
€4500       Equipment   Service / Repair                                                       
€1500        Electricity                                                                                         
€500         Telephone                                                                                       
€5700       Insurance                                                                                       
€1700        Building Maintenance / Consumables                                    
€2500       Training / Meeting Expenses                                                      
€100           Bank Charges                                                                                   
€1000       Miscellaneous Equipment                                                            

In addition to the above we also have to make provision for boat and replacement of engines every 10 years